by Oliver Oak

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released July 23, 2016

Kyle Tucker - guitar/vocals
Erin Mason - vocals
Devin Copfer - violin/keys
Nathan Smith - double bass
Chris Guthrie - drumset/percussion
Jay Alton - recording/mastering at Oranjudio and Jay Alton Studios
Joseph Barker - production/mixing at BLASTY BLAST/Musicologie
Stephanie Ewen - album artwork



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Oliver Oak Columbus, Ohio

Oliver Oak is a five piece folk/pop band from Columbus, Ohio.

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Track Name: Salt Mines
stretched out to meet
the sea's edge
it lies on either hand
but the river is spent

this house is silent
and I've made amends
but I'm returning to these
foolish thoughts again

my noble cause fades
and feeble in its place
a catching glow

my native tongue delays
to find another way
but it's too late to show

if there's harm left to do in my stead
just let me know

the salt mines are coming
and I'm not around
the grind stone is running
and I won't be found
I've tried my hand
at this debt that I've made
and if there's harm left to do in my stead
I won't delay
Track Name: Young Man
a voice like dry leaves
calls me up the mountain
and I'm glad to see the evening come
the sun is out as late as I'm gone

up to the sill the kettle sang
the stone floor as cold as ice
rouse up a little flame
of wood smoke and confidence all the same

lost in the crowd
on the heels of a lark
that splits at the seems
if I try too hard
and all the while
this heaviness is lost on me
by chance I'd see
what I'm supposed to be

the wind runs out the candle flame
the smell of dust in the moonlight
and in that dream I made a crown
the kingdom never lost but not found

a room of mirrors
a constant reminder of how little I've done
Oliver, I'm not a young man
Track Name: Speak Evenly in a Quiet Voice
your darkness is in bloom
blocking out the moon within your reach

your folded hands
in your cross lap
struggle back to hold my cheeks

get on
another way

which is the lovelier sound?
your voice or the springful ground
shakes and laughs at the weight of my words
they dance at the thought either way
you didn't want to stay

the charming lake
where the grass bows at the wind
there you still would sleep beside me

but the money is gone
and the lake is dry
not an eye in the room could say the same